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For All of Your Commercial Insurance Needs...

Edson Insurance Services Inc is a “Sole Source” provider for all commercial insurance needs.   One stop, One point of contactOne agency to handle all of your company’s insurance requirements.   

Edson Insurance Services Inc. specializes in providing commercial insurance to businesses throughout the western United States. Founded in 1998, we are an independent brokerage firm with a reputation for excellent customer service. We provide access to numerous insurance companies, assuring that you will save money. Whether you need worker’s compensation, general liability, property, commercial auto, or any other type of coverage – Edson Insurance Services Inc will find a policy to meet your needs.

We have built a reputation for client satisfaction, and we are devoted to making your insurance purchase as easy and efficient as possible. We know the insurance marketplace and are prepared to give the extra effort to learn your particular needs. 

The Bid Process:
We procure bids every year. Your company will be put through a rigorous bid process annually.  Each and every coverage line is marketed to assure you are receiving the most competitive rates available. 

Safety Programs:
We will work with your management team to design and implement a strategic safety program. We employ paid consultants where necessary to trouble shoot chronic workers compensation abuse.  Proactive safety programs are critical to long term workers compensation rate stability.

Work Comp Claims:
We work with consultants, private investigators, and claims adjusters to mitigate fraudulent workers compensation cases.

Property and Casualty Claims:
As an independent consultant, we will fight for exactly what you deserve and nothing less. Based on our experience we know the exact range of coverage that insurance companies should provide for any claim and we will make certain that they stay within our proposed range.

Medical Claims:
Our team of medical claims specialists will assist your employees by walking them through the complicated medical claims process. In addition, we will review their claims to make certain they are charged appropriately.

One Stop, One Point of
Contact & One Agency
to handle all of your company’s insurance requirements. 
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